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iPhone dents digital camera sales, lifts up touch-screen business

Latest trends reveal buoyant iPhone photography hurting standalone digital camera hard while touch-screen manufacturers enjoy strong growth.

iPhone took over the standalone camera market

Current report from world’s largest image hosting website declares iPhone as world’s most used camera device, surpassing Canon and Nikon. Flickr data shows iPhone is the most popular device among its fifty-one million plus users as a whole, and when it comes to smartphones, iPhone has beaten its competitors by a wide margin; only HTC comes on distant second with merely 474 uploads against iPhone’s 4,607.

More and more people are now embracing iPhone for photography instead of standalone camera, given to its ease of use and ability to promptly share photos online.

iPhoto, Apple’s flagship image editing software for iOS also provides some great features for photographers, users can fine tune their photos like a charm, that’s why one million copies of latest version of iPhoto had been sold within just over a week from its launch, each copy costs 5 USD.

Standalone digital camera manufacturers might be foreseeing their demise but on the other hand iPhone is leading the rise of touch-screen demand globally, booming touch-screen display business, thanks to Apple, as it ignited touch-screen market back in 2007 and still its products account for 54 percent of total shipments.

Certainly there may be some people who still prefer standalone cameras over smartphone because of high resolution photo shots, however, for most; iPhone (with iPhoto) is enough to satisfy their imaging requirements with handiness.