HTML: Grayscale Image Effect
Apply grayscale visual effect on pictures with pure HTML and CSS.
PHP: Download File from External Server
In this tutorial you will learn to download file from any website and store it in your local server.
Javascript: Show and Hide Content
Learn a simple way to show and hide HTML element using Javascript.
Javascript: Play and Pause MP3 Audio
Smart and easy way to play or pause MP3 audio on user clicks.
HTML: Add Video Player
Use this easiest way to add video player into webpages which can play MP4, OGG or WebM videos.
HTML: Add Audio Player
Simple technique to add audio player into webpages which can play MP3, OGG or WAV files.
PHP: Convert Array to String
Built-in implode function converts array to string separated by the specified string.
PHP: Strip HTML Tags and their Contents
Custom remove_tags_content function allows you to remove specified HTML Tags along with their contents.
PHP: Remove HTML Tags from Content
Our remove_tags function allows you to remove HTML tags from content according to your wish.
PHP: Extract Text Between HTML Tags
Built-in preg_match_all function can extract text from all instances of given HTML tag.