PHP: Strip Excessive Spaces
Use regular expression to remove more than one spaces from string.
PHP: Strip Multiple Words
Learn how to remove many words from text with the help of preg_replace function.
PHP: Regular Expression Case-insensitive Replace
Replace text by case-insensitive Regular Expression search
PHP: Regular Expression Search and Replace
Take the advantage of built-in preg_replace function to find and replace text.
PHP: Upgrading from mysql to mysqli
Easy migration from old mysql extension to new and improved mysqli extension.
PHP: Retrieve and Delete MySQL Record with HTML Form
This tutorial will teach you how to delete MySQL record after showing it in HTML form.
PHP: Prevent SQL Injection Attack by Securing Input Variables
Our ivs function will make $_GET and $_POST variables safe to use in SQL statements.
PHP: Retrieve and Update MySQL Data with HTML Form
This tutorial will simplify how to recall MySQL data in HTML form and save its changes back into database.
PHP: Advance Paging with Page Number Links
Add advance paging functionality into your webpages with this comprehensive tutorial.
PHP: Add Previous Page and Next Page Paging Links
Fast and easy technique to span MySQL table data over multiple pages.