PHP: Show MySQL data in HTML
A simple tutorial to display database records in webpages.
PHP: Insert HTML Form Data into MySQL Table
Explore the simplest way to store user input into the database.
PHP: Sort Words of Sentences
The sortstring function alphabetically orders the words of sentences.
PHP: Validate Image File
Custom function isimage is the right way to know the status of specified image.
PHP: Get File Size in MB
Function filesizemb takes file path as parameter and returns file size in megabytes.
PHP: Format File Size in GB MB KB or Bytes etc
Our formatbytes function converts file size from bytes to data units.
PHP: Get Image Dimensions in Pixels
Get Image width and height using built-in PHP function.
PHP: Upload Image File Securely
Upload images to your server in a safe and secure manner.
PHP: Determine The Source of Website Traffic
Who is referring the traffic to your website Google, Facebook or Twitter.
PHP: Get Primary Key Column of MySQL Table
Function getpk is the easiest way to get primary key column name of specified table.