PHP: Loop through string, convert string into array and loop through array
Looping through string and looping through array explained
PHP: Send Unicode emails with sender name and bcc
sendnow makes email sending a charm
PHP: Sort all kinds of arrays
Custom function sortarray sorts uni-dimensional and multi-dimensional array.
PHP: Convert array into unique comma separated string
arraytostr enhance php buit-in implode function
PHP: Convert string to array and make it unique
strtoarray produces array of string and remove duplicates if required
PHP: Getting part of string from left or right
strleft and strright functions return left or right part of string according to length specified
PHP: Getting part of string after and before given sub-string or character
Easiest way of getting part of string given to its sub-string or character
PHP: Cutting string from left and right
strltrim and strrtrim functions solve string trimming problem