MYSQL: Duplicate Table and Data
A simple way to make a copy of your table and data.
PHP: Delete MySQL Records
The tutorial will show you how to delete row from MySQL table
PHP: Update MySQL Table Data
The tutorial will show you how to update row in MySQL table
PHP: Insert Data into MySQL Table
In this tutorial we will tell you how to store data in MySQL table
MYSQL: Easy Web Database Administration Tool in PHP
Adminer a simple, comprehensive and fast PHP based MYSQL administration tool.
PHP: Case sensitive text search
Learn strstr function for case sensitive text searching.
PHP: Case insensitive string search
Make use of stristr function for searching text.
PHP: echo or print what should be used ?
Get the difference between echo and print statements
PHP: Convert date into British or American or Standard Format
Our fdate function will convert date into three universal formats
PHP: Convert time into 12 hour (AM-PM) or 24 hour format
Our ftime function converts the time like the way you want.