PHP: Replace or Remove Special Characters from String
Our rspecial function allows you to replace all special characters in string or you can use it to strip all special characters from string.
MYSQL: Find and replace text
Mysql replace function allows you to find and replace text in any column.
PHP: Encrypt and Decrypt String with One function
Now you don't need to use different functions to encrypt and decrypt string, just use scrypt().
MYSQL: Copy table data into another table of another database
If you want to migrate your table data you need to execute subquery insert.
PHP: Change String into Different Cases
Make string case upper, lower, capitalize, capital first or sentence with ccase function
PHP: Replace multiple words of string
Replace multiple words of string using str_ireplace() and arrays.
PHP: Replace word in string
Replace word in string using str_replace and str_ireplace
Mysql: Backup all databases and restore one of it
Know how to take full database backup and restore only one database
PHP: Speedup Your Website with Page Cache
Boost page serving speed with this simple cache mechanism
PHP: Create EAN-13 Barcodes
Here we show you how to print EAN-13 barcodes in PNG image format.