Aap kahan se ho meaning in English with dialogues and sentences

The interrogative sentence “Aap kahan se ho” is commonly used in both Urdu and Hindi. Aap kahan se ho translation in English is “Where are you from?” Similar expressions include “Aap kis shehar ya mulk ke rehne wale ho?” and “Aap kahan ke rehne wale ho?”

Usage in dialogues

Casual Conversation

Person A: Hi, it’s nice to meet you! may I know that Where are you from?
Person B: Nice to meet you too! I’m from Dehli (India). How about you?
Person A: I’m from Goa (India).

Travel Encounter

Traveler: Excuse me, I like your accent and way of talking. Where are you from?
Local: Thank you! I’m from Australia. Are you visiting from the US?
Traveler: Yes, I’m from Chicago (USA). Australia is beautiful!

Classroom Introduction

Teacher: Let’s get to know each other. Where are you from?
Student A: I’m from Karachi.
Teacher: Great! And you?
Student B: I’m from Lahore.

Online Chat

User1: Hey cute boy! Where are you from?
User2: Hi! I’m from Toranto (Canada). How about you?
User1: I’m from Toronto also. Nice to meet you!

Job Interview

Interviewer: So, tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from?
Candidate: I’m originally from London, but I’ve been living in Paris for the past three years.
Interviewer: That’s interesting. How do you like Paris?

Social Gathering

Host: Glad you could make it! Where are you from?
Guest: Thanks for inviting me! I’m from Mexico City.
Host: That’s great! Have you been in town for a while?
Guest: Only a few days, but I’m really enjoying it!

Usage in sentences

When people ask, “Where are you from?” I proudly mention San Francisco (USA), a beautiful city renowned for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and stunning scenery.

Jab log pochte hain, “Aap kahan se hain?” to mein fakhr se kehta hoon ke San Francisco se, ek khoobsurat shehar jo Golden Gate Bridge aur shaandaar manzar ke liye mashhoor hai.

Often, I’m asked, “Where are you from?” and I reply that I hail from a charming, small town nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

Aksar log pochte hain, “Aap kahan se hain?” aur mein jawab deta hoon ke mein Italy ke dil mein Tuscany ke ek chhote, purkashish gaon se hoon.

This query “Where are you from?” brings a smile to my face as I recall the vibrant streets and rich culture of New Orleans, my hometown.

Ye sawal “Aap kahan se hain?” meri chehre par muskurahat le aata hai jab mein apne shehar New Orleans ki raunak bhari galiyon aur ameer tehzeeb ko yaad karta hoon.

Upon hearing “Where are you from?” my mind drifts to the serene countryside of rural Japan, where I spent my childhood immersed in nature’s beauty.

Jab mein sunta hoon “Aap kahan se hain?” to mera zehan Japan ke dehati, pur-sukoon ilaqe ki taraf chala jata hai, jahan mein ne apna bachpan fitrat ke husn mein guzara.

When asked, “Where are you from?” I delight in sharing stories about Melbourne, my hometown, famous for its arts scene and exceptional coffee culture.

Jab pocha jata hai, “Aap kahan se hain?” to mujhe Melbourne ki kahaniyan share karne ka bara maza ata hai, jo meri janam bhoomi hai aur apne fun aur behtareen coffee culture ke liye mashhoor hai.

The phrase “Where are you from?” instantly reminds me of Mumbai’s bustling streets, a city filled with diverse cultures, vibrant colors, and delicious street food.

Jumla “Aap kahan se hain?” foran mujhe Mumbai ki masroof galiyon ki yaad dila deta hai, ek shehar jo mukhtalif tahzeebon, roshan rangon aur lazeez street food se bhara pada hai.

This single question “Where are you from?” brings back vivid memories of my upbringing in Cape Town, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich historical heritage.

Ye ek sawal “Aap kahan se hain?” mujhe Cape Town mein apni parwarish ki roshan yaadein wapas le aata hai, jo apne shaandaar manazir aur ameer tareekhi virse ke liye mashhoor hai.

When I’m asked, “Where are you from?” I proudly say Rio de Janeiro, a lively city celebrated for its Carnival and stunning beaches.

Jab mujhe pocha jata hai, “Aap kahan se hain?” to mein fakhr se kehta hoon ke Rio de Janeiro se, ek zinda-dil shehar jo apne Carnival aur khoobsurat saahil ke liye mashhoor hai.

The question “Where are you from?” evokes fond childhood memories of Vancouver, a city known for its spectacular scenery and abundance of outdoor activities.

Sawal “Aap kahan se hain?” meri bachpan ki pyari yaadon ko waapis le aata hai, Vancouver ka shehar jo apne shaandaar manazir aur faravan outdoor activities ke liye mashhoor hai.

When someone inquires, “Where are you from?” I enjoy sharing my roots in Nairobi, a bustling city that serves as the gateway to Kenya’s magnificent wildlife.

Jab koi poochta hai, “Aap kahan se hain?” to mujhe Nairobi ki apni jadoon ko share karne ka bara maza ata hai, ek masroof shehar jo Kenya ke azeem wildlife ka darwaza hai.

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