Meri Marzi (میری مرضی) meaning in English with dialogues and sentences

Here are a few translations for the Urdu phrase “Meri marzi” (میری مرضی) in English: “My choice,” “It’s my choice,” and “My will.” The term “my choice” signifies a selection or decision made by an individual based on their personal preference, judgment, or desire. It underscores personal autonomy and the freedom to make independent decisions.

10 similar phrases to My choice

My decision, my preference, my selection, my option, my call, my pick, my judgment, my determination, my will and my wish.

Meri marzi (میری مرضی) usage in dialogues

Ali: “Why did you choose to study in London?”
Sara: “It’s my choice; I love to study in London.”

علی: تم نے لندن میں پڑھائی کرنے کا انتخاب کیوں کیا؟
سارہ: یہ میری مرضی ہے؛ مجھے لندن میں پڑھنا پسند ہے۔

Mehreen: “Why are you not attending the office gathering?”
Zara: “It’s my choice to spend time with my friends instead.”

مہرین: تم دفتر کی تقریب میں کیوں نہیں جا رہیں؟
زارہ: یہ میری مرضی ہے کہ میں اپنے دوستوں کے ساتھ وقت گزاروں۔

Ahsan: “Why did you pick that red car?”
Bilal: “It’s my choice; I’ve been wanting to buy it for a long time.”

احسن: تم نے اس لال گاڑی کو کیوں چنا؟
بلال: یہ میری مرضی ہے؛ میں نے اسے بہت زمانے سے خریدنا چاہتا تھا۔

Nadia: “Why did you order the small pizza?”
Kamil: “It’s my choice to eat less today.”

نادیہ: تم نے چھوٹا پیزا کیوں منگایا؟
کامل: میری مرضی ہے کہ آج میں کم کھانا کھاؤں۔

Tariq: “Why did you picked up that blue shirt?”
Usman: “It’s my choice; I love to wear blue outfits.”

طارق: تم نے وہ نیلی قمیض کیوں چنی؟
عثمان: یہ میری مرضی ہے؛ مجھے نیلے کپڑے پہننا پسند ہے۔

My choice usage in sentences

This black dress was my choice for the wedding party.

My choice of vacation destination is always the Karachi beach.

It’s my choice to pursue a career in sports.

My choice for dinner tonight is spicy pizza.

Buying this red latest bike was my choice; I love its features.

My choice of movies tends to be romantic.

Redecorating the office was my choice; I wanted a cozy feel in office.

Vegetarian diet is my choice for better health.

My choice for a pet was a dog; they’re so reliable.

Painting my room light blue was my choice; it’s a calming color.

My choice for breakfast is usually yogurt with fruits.

I chose to pursue a degree in political science because it’s my choice of career.

My choice for the weekend getaway is a cabin in the mountains of Pakistan.

Going for a walk in the morning and evening is my choice for staying alert and active.