Lakht e jigar meaning in English with dialogues sentences

Here are a few English meanings of “lakha e jigar”: beloved child, adored child, sweetheart, precious child, darling, and dear. “Lakht e jigar” (لخت جگر) in Urdu means “جگر کا ٹکڑا” (jigar ka tukda) in English (a piece of liver). This term is used by Urdu-speaking people to refer to a loved one, especially a child or baby, by a mother, father, uncle, aunt, or grandparents to express intense love and affection.

Usage in dialogues

Dialogue 1

Mother: “How was school today, my sweetheart?”

Son: “It was nice, Mom. I learned a lot and even made a new friend in school.”

Mother: “That’s wonderful to hear. You know, you are my beloved child, and I always want the best for you.”

Son: “I know, Mom. Thank you for always helping and supporting me.”

Mother: “Anything for you, my dear. Let’s celebrate your new friendship with your favorite pizza deal tonight.”

Dialogue 2

Grandmother: “Come here, my precious one, and tell me about your day.”

Granddaughter: “Grandma, I painted a picture of our house in art class. I can’t wait to show you!”

Grandmother: “I’m sure it’s beautiful. You are such a talented artist, my dear.”

Granddaughter: “Thanks, Grandma. Your encouragement means the world to me.”

Grandmother: “Always remember, my beloved child, that I am proud of you no matter what.”

Dialogue 3

Father: “Hey, my dear, do you want to go for a hourse ride this evening at beach?”

Daughter: “I would love to, Dad. hourse rides with you are the best!”

Father: “Spending time with you is my favorite part of the day. You are my sweetheart.”

Daughter: “I feel the same way, Dad.”

Father: “Anything for you, my beloved child. Let’s make some great memories.”

Dialogue 4

Grandfather: “How is my sweetheart doing today?”

Grandson: “I’m good, Grandpa. I finished reading the book today you gave me.”

Grandfather: “That’s my beloved child! What did you think of it?”

Grandson: “It was amazing, Grandpa. I loved the adventure and the lessons it taught.”

Grandfather: “I’m glad you enjoyed it. You know, sharing stories with you is something I cherish deeply, my precious one.”

Grandson: “I love our story times too, Grandpa. They are the best.”

Dialogue 5

Aunt: “My beloved child, are you excited for our trip to the city zoo this weekend?”

Niece: “Yes, Auntie! I can’t wait to see all the animals.”

Aunt: “We will have so much fun. You are my dear, and I love taking you on adventures.”

Niece: “I love our adventures too, Auntie. Thank you for always making time for me.”

Aunt: “Anything for you, my beloved child. Our time together is precious to me.”

Niece: “Me too, Auntie. Let’s make this the best trip ever!”

Aunt: “Absolutely, my sweetheart. It will be unforgettable.”

Usage in sentences

The grandfather always showered his dear child with love and stories from his past.

As a father, he made sure to spend good quality time with beloved child every evening.

The mother kissed her little sweetheart child goodnight, whispering sweet dreams.

During the family reunion, everyone doted on the dear child, making him feel extra special.

The beloved child proudly displayed his artwork to his parents, basking in their admiration.

She prepared her precious child’s favorite meal as a birthday surprise.

The adored child’s laughter filled the whole house, bringing joy to everyone.

He held his beloved child close during the thunderstorm, comforting him with gentle words.

The beloved child received a special gift from his mother, a token of her love.

The parents cheered loudly at the school play, proud of their beloved child’s performance.